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Module for simply Book Library web site creation. The BookLibrary Books from same... Details

Eclipse Text Editor Extensions (ETEE) extends the Eclipse text editor with convenient... Details

The Text Trix editor is an open-source, cross-platform text editor with a mind for... Details

Emerald Text Editor (Emerald Editor, or Emerald as I call it), formerly called jEditor,... Details

A simple text process library, aims to assist parsing all kinds of text including plain... Details


Same Text Over in Software Title

1. BookLibrary same author-module 1.5 ... The BookLibrary Books from same author module displays the books from same author - book from what ... DetailsDownload 

Tags: BookLibrary , book , library , web , free , software , joomla , module , amazon , download

2. Eclipse Text Editor Extensions (ETEE) 1.0.7 Eclipse Text Editor Extensions (ETEE) extends the Eclipse text editor with convenient operations for filtering the selected text: 1) run a system ... DetailsDownload 

3. Text Trix 0.9.4 The Text Trix editor is an open-source, cross-platform text editor with a mind ... user-friendly file and text navigation. DetailsDownload 

4. Emerald Text Editor (jEditor) 3.1 Emerald Text Editor (Emerald Editor, or ... called jEditor, is a text editor that is much ... let's you edit text but it makes use ... at one time. Emerald Text Editor also comes with ... DetailsDownload 

5. Simple Text Processing Library 0.9.15b A simple text process library, aims to ... parsing all kinds of text including plain text, XML, HTML, etc., which ... DetailsDownload 

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1. KDiff3 for Mac OS X 0.9.97 KDiff3 is a graphical text difference analyzer for up ... character analysis and a text merge tool with integrated ... merges two or three text input files or directories ... windows to show the same position. * Select and ... DetailsDownload 

Tags: text comparison , compare text , merge text , compare , comparison , analyze

2. CleanHaven for Mac OS X 2.4 ... make the cleaning of text much easier. The cleaned text can be reset as the main text with additional cleaning performed. Once finished the cleaned text is available from the global cleaned text window. You may want ... now wrap the selected... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: text cleaner , Remove Formatting , punctuation remover , cleaner , formatting , text

3. TextWrangler 4.0.1 Build 315 TextWrangler is a richly-featured ... composing, modifying, and transforming text stored in plain-text files. At its most basic, a text editor is a tool for simply editing text. You can use a text editor for a wide ... byte and non-Roman text... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: text editor , edit text , write text , edit , editor , write

4. AnyBizSoft PDF Editor for Mac Beta 0.1.0 ... help users edit PDF text, inert images and signatures ... Key Features: 1. Add text into PDF files 2. Modify or insert text in editable text blocks 3. Drag and drop blocks of text to change the text layouts 4.Convert PDF ... PDF annotations:... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: Edit Pdf Mac , Pdf Editor For Mac , Edit Pdf Text Mac

5. DOSMadness 1.0 ... madness style: just (multicolored) text, no images or videos ... Focus only on the text, and see how much ... Or relive the old text-only days, in today's ... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: dos , ms dos , site , internet , style , text , Text Only , Text Mode , image , video , multimedia , color , rectangle , focus , Distraction , browser , bookmarklet

Same Text Over in Software Short Description

1. converting XML to formatted text 6 xml2txt is a text formatter for XMl in the same way the FO is ... document to well-formatted text, wtih borders, indents, and ... DetailsDownload 

2. Treebeard 1.0 (XSLT transformer/editor) A text editor that allows the ... XSLT document at the same time. It also can ... DetailsDownload 

3. Universe RPG 0.80 ... for a freely-available, text-based role-playing game ... SPI game of the same name published in 1980 ... DetailsDownload 

4. DrawPile 32 ... people to share the same drawing board over the ... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

5. JUnique 1.0.4 ... to run at the same time more instances of the same Java application. JUnique implements ... instances launched by the same user. DetailsDownload 

Same Text Over in Software Long Description

1. Norton Identity Safe 1.0 ... *Stop filling in the same forms over and over ... "12345". *Using the same password for multiple sites ... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: passwords , password manager , login , forgot password , safe Browsing , safe browser , Safe Web Browser , Safe Internet Browser , mobile , norton

2. Crimson Fields 0.5.3 ... in front of the same machine, over a network ... DetailsDownload 

3. Java White Board 1.0.0 ... be a simple tandem text editor. It will broad ... a document at the same time. Of course the ... DetailsDownload 

4. Swiss File Knife 1.6.6 ... easy. Find and extract text in binary files, list ... sizes, filter and replace text, run an instant ftp ... duplicate files, join many text files into one, create ... on all files, detab text, create hexdumps from files ... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: Multi function tool , command line , binary grep , tree size list , instant ftp server , line filter , Text Replace , dupfind , join files , md5 lists , run command on files , extract strings , detab , patch , tail , hexdump , no install , portable , for usb stick

5. SQLight ... Multiple Databases At The Same Time: SQLight provides tab ... different databases at the same time. * Save Any ... e.g. CHAR, VARCHAR, TEXT, INT, BLOB etc. from ... data like image, plain text, html etc in a ... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: sqlite , Sqlite Manager , SQLite editor , Sqlite Viewer , Sqlite Browser , database , Database Manager , Database Editor , Database Viewer , database browser

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